EZE Sharp Knife Sharpener

I have been using here in my knife making shop and selling theEZE Sharp sharpening system for the past several years and have had great success with it. With a little modification, you can use it to sharpen the hoof knife blades.

When you purchase the EZE Sharp sharpener, you will be able to sharpen all of your kitchen, hunting and any other knife to a shaving edge with ease and and of course with a small modification, you will be able to sharpen the hoof knife like you never sharpened before.

For more details on how to sharpen a blade, check out  Sharpening the hoof knife.

If you plan to use the EZE sharp to sharpen hoof knives, you can mount an "Ultimate Edge" diamond sharpening steel to fit in the file guide rod. Use care with diamonds as anything more than light strokes will destroy the diamond knife sharpener.

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